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Pawanmuktasana part 1 (Joints or Anti rheumatic Group)

  • » This group of asanas is concerned with loosening up the joints of the body.
  • » It is particularly useful for eliminating energy blockages in the joints and outer extremities of the physical body, and works on pranic (energy) and mental bodies as well.
  • » Through these simple practices the coordination between brain and the body is well established.

Pawanmuktasana Part 2 (Digestive/Abdominal Group)

  • » This group of asanas is concerned specifically with strengthening the digestive system.
  • » It also eliminates energy blockages in the abdominal areas.

Pawanmuktasana Part 3 (Energy block postures)

  • » This group of asanas is concerned with improving the energy flow within the body and breaking down neuro-muscular knots, especially in the pelvic region where energy tends to stagnate.
  • » These asanas also eliminate energy blockages in the spine, activate the lungs and heart, and improve endocrinal function.

Relaxation Asanas

  • »The asanas is this group appear very easy at first, yet to do them properly is quite difficult for the tension in all the muscles of the body must be consciously released.
  • » The asanas in this group give the body the rest it so badly needs.

Vajrasana Group of Asanas

  • » The Vajrasana series is very beneficial for the reproductive as well as digestive organs.

Standing Asanas

  • » This series of asanas has stretching and strengthening effect on the back, shoulders and leg muscles. They are particularly useful for those who spend a lot of time sitting down or who have stiffness or pain in the back.
  • » They improve posture, balance and muscles coordination.

Backward Bending Asanas

  • » Backward bending asanas are postures which turn the body out to face the world. They are stimulating and extroverting.
  • » Because they expand the chest and encourage inhalation, they are associated with the attitude of embracing life.

Forward Bending Asanas

  • » Forward bending asanas loosen up the back, maintaining good health and increasing vitality.

Spinal Twisting Asanas

  • » This is an important series of asanas for spinal health. These asanas have a strong effect on total health and vitality.