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Neelima Chordia

Anonymous (Name withheld on request)

I am an MS patient since the last 10 years. Today I use a walker, a crutch or a wheelchair when necessary. But let me tell you, I won't call myself a patient any more because I have accepted this as a part of my life and am living contended with my family. I did go through a bad time in the beginning when I faced so many difficulties to do things. I became very negative in my approach towards life and people. I had been a bright student throughout my school and college life and suddenly I could not do the easiest things as MS had affected my vision as well. I could not accept this so things became even worse.

However, one day God blessed me with his words, in Raj Yog Meditation. The first thing that touched me deep within was – "Everyone may not be complete but every soul is complete and can attain equal happiness irrespective of any physical limitation. Just fill your heart with love and positivity for everyone around you"

To my surprise, this actually helped me change my thought process. I started becoming more positive towards life and people and accepted all the hurdles as challenges in my life I felt my fear vanishing and God the Almighty helping me overcome all the challenges.

Meditation, thus helped me connect myself to God, connect to myself, know my strengths and limitations and move ahead positively. I practiced meditation – pranayam, yog-nidra which has helped me increase my stamina to do things and relax my mind in critical situations.

Let me share a very beautiful experience.
After a relapse, I could not climb even a few steps for almost three months. I had lost my hopes that I could ever gain strength. Still one day, on my way back from Sidhivinayak temple, I prayed to God constantly and charged myself positively that today I will climb at least 10 steps. But to my surprise, I could climb two floors. This was God's grace on me and positivity gained through meditation.
This experience helped me gain confidence and taught me that Patience Perseverance and Positivity actually work and can be gained through meditation.

Neelima Chordia

I met Mr. Arvind Sanghvi (Arvind Uncle as i call him) 7-8 years back. I had seen an article in the Indian Express Supplement and got to know about his success story. I immediately called him as per the contact details given and asked for an appointment. He readily agreed and invited us to his home.

The moment i met him i was overwhelmed to see a person who seemed completely out of the clutches of MS and running his huge business so comfortably. That itself gave me a hope that i can also come out of it soon.

He then taught me the very basic form of meditation "Yog Nidra". Later he cam down all the way to my home and taught me the very simple yet extremely effective exercises that one can do without much efforts. He has himself developed these set of exercises through his experience which make every join mobile and hence make the walk very smooth. Also advised some diet tips that he and Anjali Aunti have found through all the research in books and internet.

I can certainly say that this all has helped me physically as well as mentaly. It has boosted my confidence level tremendously and i am extremely thankful to him for extending the help to the needy people.

I wish him all the good luck for the great cause he has taken over of creating awareness in people about MS and helping people come out of it.