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My Story

Greetings to all my brethren who are looking for a remedy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Scleroderma CNS, Ataxia or similar ailments connected with damage to the Central Nervous System (CNS).

I am Arvind Sanghvi, a zealous businessman and a cheerful family man…Anyone who meets me today would bet that I am as healthy and fit as any other person around.

In office, I am completely capable of handling the pressures and deadlines of commitments in business…and the quality time I enjoy at home is lavishly cherished by my family members. My social circle is generously wide and as fun-loving as I wish…and all this in spite of the fact that I have been a very severe and complex case of Multiple Sclerosis

Despite the pain and despair I have been through, I would want to tell all of you that life is truly beautiful…I am one of those blessed few who can say this with pride.

My story is not about diagnosis and therapy and medication and cure…it is about confidence, support and hope…it is about cultivating a new energetic, happy and positive outlook towards life. That is what has changed mine. I am sure it will change yours too.

Up to the age of 30 I was a young man full of verve and enthusiasm to explore prove my potential to the world around me…and suddenly disaster struck. My body succumbed to the severe changes that were taking place inside…and my entire life turned around. I still remember vividly, in 1993, it was a feat to walk for even a small distance. I can still recall how weak and unbalanced I felt while walking…the way I lay in bed like a vegetable…and the way my head swirl when I stood up. It was later diagnosed as vertigo. Immediately I was admitted to a hospital where doctors commenced with the treatment for Multiple Sclerosis: Wysolene, Omez and Solumedrol Injections were given through saline and Compose Tablets. As if this was not enough, I lost the power of hearing in my left ear.

For quite a while, no one could confidently pinpoint the actual reason for my illness. So as a general treatment, saline and steroids were administered and I was sent home. This provided temporary relief but obviously not a cure.

Since no one was able define my ailment clearly, my problem was even suspected as a psychological one. Every time a different body part seemed to give way. I had no bladder and bowel control. It was all the more frustrating as I had two small kids when it all began.

From 1993 to 1995, I was totally paralyzed and unable to perform any physical activity. Attending to business needs was a far fetched dream.

Even today, I still not sure whether to categorize myself as a patient of MS or Ataxia or something else related to a disorder of the CNS. After three years of endless rounds to various doctors, my affliction was diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis in 1995. It is a disorder that affects the motor skills and coordination of the body.

I was so depressed with a staggeringly high level of anxiety that I was possessed by thoughts of suicide. Everyday there was a new problem, every time a different part of my body seemed to give way. This led to numerous consultations with neurophysicians, urologists, gastrologists, dermatologists and pathologists. My state of mind plunged lower and lower with every new doctor that I met. Its easy to die, but its very difficult to live with such a kind a disease, its better to struggle and live life to the fullest.

Then the first change took place…and that was in my way of thinking. Dr. Rajendra Kale, an eminent Neurophysician, educated me about MS and told me that there was little hope from allopathic medicines except for steroids which were temporary remedies. It meant that I if I wished to recover, I would have to explore other avenues.

Ray of Light
The ray of light in this unfathomable darkness came in the form of a suggestion from my younger brother, Deepak. He suggested me to try yoga as he was practicing it with Guru Dr. Samprasad Vinod of Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation (MVRF).

Life after that has undergone a sea change and today I would like to share with you those simple secrets which can rebuild your life, your confidence and bring back the lost enthusiasm to live a normal life once again.

On the advice of Deepak, I decided to try an alternate path of yoga, full of faith and much needed confidence. There are several yogic techniques that have the ability to empower your body to move towards recovery.

At MVRF in Pune, I learnt about 'Yoganidra' and 'Light Stretches', which over years have helped me to overcome my debility. Out of many methods of practicing yoga, I follow 'Satyananda Yoga (Integral Yoga)' technique from Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Bihar. I have elaborated my strict regime for the last 15 years. I have followed it religiously due to which I am in a position to narrate my part of success rather than succumbing slowly to steroids. Meticulously I practiced simple techniques of 'Shavasana' and Aasanas, for two hours daily…and in 2003 I could enjoy nearly normal health. Many people suggested that I should concentrate on Yoga but I never took it seriously because I always thought Yog Nidra is just like sleeping in one place, but when I started I could feel the changes and Yoga benefited me a lot, whatever I am today its just by the power of Yoga

Yoga is not a one-time therapy that grants results like magic. However, regular practice is bound to give you extremely positive results in the long run. Slowly, as your duration of practice increases, you shall see your own stamina increase drastically. Looking at your stamina and fitness your doctor will reduce your dose of medicine.
Caution: Don't reduce the medicines without consulting the doctor.
Finally, improvement depends on God, blessings of elders, teachers and well-wishers and our daily exercises.

In 2003, I was having a problem passing urine. Urologist Doctor Dr. Rajendra Shimpi suggested that I get admitted in hospital. A couple of days later they recommended cathredization thrice a day. This upset me extremely and I took an immediate discharge from the hospital.

Of course my routine yoga and meditation practice continued...In fact, I increased them. These exercises were different from the ones I had been doing earlier. This turned out to be vital in bringing about commendable change in my condition. At that time, my post void urine was almost 70%...but today it is nearly 25%...that too without cathredization!

Simple Way of Bladder Control
I have used a simple method to control my bladder. The first thing is that I tried to understand my own body behavior.

By answering certain simple question you too would know your body
a) How much water can you drink without feeling the urge to pass urine?
Please measure the quantity.
b) How long can you control the feeling?
Please record the time.
c) Do you go to pass urine immediately when you feel the urge?
Please recall from several instances in the past.

However, an affected Central Nervous System is supposed to be in a very fragile state.

In 2007, I was again attacked by several ailments and from 2007 to 2008 I slipped into a critical condition. My skin developed purple patches on my hands and legs along with severe burning sensation which was almost unbearable.

I was admitted in the hospital several times but doctors were unable to diagnose any particular problem. After three to four Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans they concluded that it was not MS, much to my relief. However, I was again subjected to a battery of tests. When doctors from Pune failed to find the answer the case was transferred to Dr. B. S. Singhal, an extremely respected neuro-physician in Mumbai. After initial hiccups in Mumbai, I was diagnosed with Scleroderma when the test of SCL 70 and skin biopsy for Scleroderma CNS turned up positive.

My case was then transferred to Dr. Sanjiv Amin, Rhuematologist in Mumbai. However, on the basis of my atypical symptoms and signs, he was doubtful of the diagnosis of Scleroderma. Nevertheless, he gave a prescription for a test and advised treatment whenever the problem became acute. By God's grace that day has not come till date.

I can say from experience that yoga has amazing healing powers. From 2007-2008, in spite of severe suffering, I could feel a subtle inner calmness and happiness due to my faith in yogic practices. Slowly, I started feeling better day by day. Dr. Amin too noticed signs of improvement during the course of my regular consultation with him. In 2007-08 doctors couldn't diagnose my disease so they were not able to give me any medicine because they were confused. Now I am faced with an incredible miracle. If any doctor sees my MRI scans, as per medical science the person with such results should either be in a coma or on a wheel-chair and they can't believe their eyes when they see me standing and smiling in front of them...

Today, I am conducting my business smoothly and enjoying a blissful family life. The credit for this goes to my daily regime of 'Yog Sadhana' along with a suitable and controlled diet. This has been elaborated in the section of Yog and Diet.

Magic Formula:
Belief In God + Positive Thinking + Regular Yoga & Exercise + Balanced Diet = Recovery

Anjana, my wife is in the true sense, my better half. She is my real pillar of strength and has always been encouraging me to believe that cure was not far from sight. In the initial years of my ailment, had it not been for the support of my brothers, parents, children and friends this day would have been impossible. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who instilled confidence and hope in me to fight and emerge victorious.

Thanks to the support from my family, friends, well wishers and my strict yoga regime along with a proper diet. I am not only normal but can also drive my wife to her parents' home in Kolhapur and back, which is no less than 250 km. from Pune, one way! – a task that was absolutely unthinkable just a few years ago.

I am sharing the details of my daily exercise routine and the diet I followed very religiously for many years. The recommendations may differ from patient to patient and hence my sincere advice is to consult an expert yoga proponent before you embark on your healing journey. Remember, on this path, there is hope…and that hope is within you…just unleash it and reclaim the life that you rightfully deserve.

Dr. Sudhir Kothari
01th Nov 2010

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09th July 2010

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07th Aug 2009

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04th Dec 2007

Dr. N. H. Wadia
18th Aug 1995

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26th April 1994

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